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Kagura bot is a simple discord bot with rich feature such music command, Kagura is online for 24/7.
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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Kagura Bot Features

  • 99% Uptime 24/7
  • Music using Lavalink Client
  • GlobalChat feature!
  • Server Statistics
  • Anti Badword


Default prefix is . or you can customize the prefix using `.prefix <new prefix>

Mod lock channel can be customized in a way .modlog <new mod log channel>

Autonick can be set by .autonick <nickname> and don’t forget to activate it by .config autonickon or vice versa.config autonickoff

Autorole can also be configured as a .autorole <@role | custom configuration name role>and don’t forget to activate.config autoroleon and vice versa .config autoroleoff

The badword feature can be activated by .badword on and deactivated by.badword off. To add words use .badword add <word> and to delete words in the list use .badword delete <word>. And want to know the contents of words that already exist? use .badword list. This badword feature is very sensitive


This bot is made with VPS hosting to allow you to get performance and better service


  • 【U.S.R.I】Xuga#7343
  • Irwan#0057
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