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Prefix: & or custom
Created by: Loney#4512
Short link: discord.ly/kanao
🦋 Kanao is a cute little girl from the anime "Demon Slayer". She will be helpful for you and your servers 🥰.

She has got a lot of cool stuff 💖

Such as :

- reaction roles ✨

- verification check ✅

- a cool welcome/goodbye custom message 👋 with a customisable image

- nice hug commands 💞

and much more !

Commands of Kanao 🦋

🔧 Utility Commands

server, ping, user, avatar, roles, channel

🎭 RolePlay Commands

slap, kiss, punch, pat, smug, hug, cry, wink

🔒 Administration Commands

prefix, modules, load, unload, setchannel, reset, verification, reactroles_msg, reactroles_add, reactroles_del, config, staffrole, modrole, welcome, goodbye

📛 Moderation Commands

warn, unwarn, ban, unban, mute, unmute, kick, purge

💬 Social Commands

profile, show_profile

🎲 Mini-Games

coin, rps, 8ball, dice, roll

🍜 Anime Commands

neko, kitsune, waifu, pikachu

🎬 Media Commands

meme, gif, cat, dog, fox, panda, redpanda, koala

🦋 Bot Info Commands

invite, bugreport, bot, website, support, suggestion, vote

Others Commands

Coming soon

Developped by @Loney#4512