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Kaori is a fun, economic, utility, and moderation bot with a customized environment.
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-Kaori has a unique economic system with a unique concept of interactive begging and robbing.

-It has the latest image effects, meme templates, facts, nekos, and much more.

-It also has NSFW commands but they are only limited to respective channels.

-It comes with a feature of customized moderation, all the moderation commands like kick, ban, warn will be off initially so that you do not have to give bot additional permissions. To turn on these features server admin can use k!settings and in the moderation tab, can turn on commands on their wish.

-We have seen an increase in the number of raids in discord servers because of dangerous permissions given to server members. Kaori comes with the feature of Moderation Team. Admins by using k!modadd and k!modremove can add or remove roles from the moderation team. The roles do not need to have dangerous permissions like KICK_MEMBERS or BAN_MEMBERS. The users with roles in the moderation team can use the moderation commands of Kaori.

-Kaori comes with a powerful logging system that can log Edited Messages, Deleted Messages, Message Pin, Member Join/Leave, Role Add/Remove, Server Partner/Verification Add, Vanity or Banner Update, and much much more.

-You can ban a word from your server using k!banword and can unban it using k!unbanword. You can also add roles to be assigned to users joining the server.

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