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Prefix: k!
Created by: Tiramitzu#1652
Short link: discord.ly/karen-kujou
Discord bots by indonesian people | YNC™ Developers Team
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Commands Example Info
help k!help open command GUI in DMs
helphere k!helphere open command GUI in message channel
userinfo k!userinfo <@username> Info of the user
serverinfo k!serverinfo Info of the server
botinfo k!botinfo Info for the bot
hug k!hug <@username> For hug someone
math k!math <number> + <number> Mathematics command
kiss k!kiss <@username> For kiss someone
pat k!pat <@username> For pat someone
upsearch k!upsearch <text> Search user
translate k!translate <text> <language> Translating english to any language
karen k!karen Give random karen images
and more. and more. and more.