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Servers: 30,856
Users: unknown
Upvotes this month: 5
Prefix: //
Created by: BulzyKrown#9999
Short link: discord.ly/karu
Karu is a bot with its 70% of the commands focused on the "Role " area. That's not why it means that it serves servers like that, but also that it has commands to shorten links and many other
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🐱Karu is a bot at the moment focused on roleplay.

☕I would appreciate your support to continue improving and implementing many more features for you. A simple vote for you, is a great help and incentive for me.

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  • All my commands work with: //
  • Optional [] / Required <>
  • You can use //h command to get more info about each command.
  • List of commands v0.7.3

Command types:


Command Description Aliases Variables
8ball You want me to guess your future? English only //8ball <Message>
bola8 ¿Quieres que adivine tu futuro? Only spanish //? <Message>
say You can send a message through me //say <Message>
embed Similar to say, but Embed type //esay <Message>


Command Description Aliases Variables
cat Show pictures of kittens //cat None
dog Shows pictures of puppies //dog None
jojo Shows jojo’s pictures //jojo None
neko It shows pictures of girls with little ears //neko None
xbox Generate an image of an xbox achievement with the message you want //xbox i’m god <Message>
achievement Generate an image of an Minecraft achievement with the message you want //arch uwu owo <Message>


Command Description Aliases Variables
blush Shows a gif or image of a blushing person //blush None
cry It shows a gif or image of a person crying //cry None
eat It shows a gif or image of a person eating //eat None
dance It shows a gif or image of a person dancing //dance None
doubt Shows reaction of being dubious //? None
disgust Shows reaction of disgust //disgutst None


Command Description Aliases Variables
hug Give hugs to one or more people //hug <@user/ID/name>
kill kills one or more people with this command //kill <@user/ID/name>
kiss Kiss one or more people //kiss <@user/ID/name>
lick Lick one or more people //lick <@user/ID/name>
pat Caress one or more people //pat <@user/ID/name>
slap Slap one or more people //slap <@user/ID/name>
bang Bullets to one or more people //bang <@user/ID/name>
insult insults one or more users //insult <@user/ID/name>
cuddle Caresses one or more users //cuddle <@user/ID/name>


Command Description Aliases Variables
help Displays a help menu //help <name/alias>
invite Invite the bot with the link that will show you //invite None
ping Displays the latency of the bot with the Discord API and the time it takes to send the message from the karu server //ping Ninguno
sinfo View current server information //sinfo None
uinfo View your information inside the server or a user //uinfo [@user/ID/name]
covid Displays information regarding covid-19 statistics //cov list [city/list]
infoInvite Review information from a Discord invitation //ii halo None
servers Check the servers and users that Karu //servers None
snipe Shows the last deleted message in the channel //snipe None


Command Description Aliases Variables
egasm Presents emojis in the style of “satisfaction” //egasm None
fuck Fucks one or more people at a time //fuck <@user/ID/name>
hentai Show sexual images and gifs from the world of anime //hentai <rc/list>
rule34 It shows content “rule 34” //r34 <rc/list/search>
porngif Send random porn gif images. //pgif None