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Over 70k collectible anime cards to drop! Each has a unique code and print number and can be traded/upgraded. Grab 'em fast!
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Karuta is a collectible card bot powered by Discord that currently features more than 70,000 anime characters. It’s similar to bots such as Mudae, Pokécord, and WaifuBot, but offers many more features to keep your server addicted for months to come!

The bot is currently in its beta phase, and its developers are working every day to improve it. There are plans to eventually add expansions, possibly featuring huge lists of video game and manga characters, new editions of existing cards, and much more.

Here’s some of what Karuta currently offers:

  • Over 70,000 anime characters featured as collectible cards
  • Automatic card drops triggered whenever your server is active
  • Manual card drops, on command, once every 30 minutes per user
  • Every card drops with a unique card code
  • Every card drops with a sequential print number
  • Every card drops at one of five different qualities: Damaged, Poor, Good, Excellent, or Mint
  • Card trading with other users
  • Card burning to collect resources (Gold and Dust), which can be used to purchase items and upgrades
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.