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Katana✨ is a versatile bot ready to improve and boost your discord server and start offering surprising and interesting benefits.

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💓 Katana✨ is an Advanced Discord Bot, Made by a very passionate person about computers💻 and programming🖥️, trying to help community owners to enhance their server experience and manage it very easly.

💯Exclusive Features💯
💎No Latency & Online 24/7💎
🐍Made In Python🐍
💫Includes Different Categories💫

・Security🛡️・[Moderation](/discord-moderation-bots)👮‍♂️・Utils🛠️・[Fun](/discord-fun-bots)😂・And Much More🤪・

We hope 😍 that we can meet your needs 🛠️, and offer 🎀 our best possible services 💎 and features ✨!

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