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Hello! My name is Kibzix! I know a lot of fun and moderation commands!

/help Info: List of commands. /userinfo Info: User stats. /serverinfo Info: Server stats. /ping Info: Shows ping. /clear Info: Chat cleaning. /kick Info: Kicking. /ban Info: Baning. /unban Info: Unbaning. /mute Info: Muting. /unmute Info: Unmuting. /mastermind Info: Play "mastermind" game. /rsp Info: Play "rock, scissors, paper" game with Kibzix. /rr Info: Play "russian roulette" game with Kibzix. /num Info: Play "guess number" game with Kibzix. /meme Info: Get random meme. /aww Info: Get random animal picture. /joke Info: Get a joke. /ask Info: Play magic 8 ball. /bot Info: Get info about bot. /botsetup Info: Set up Kibzix, so it works perfect. /botsupport Info: In case you have problems. /credits Info: Read credits. /kibizoffs Info: Get info about Kibizoffs.