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Bot with some nice commands still in progress.
King Of Pokémons
Bot with small commands that you can’t find in big bots.

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Why choose this bot?
  • Bot have lot of small cool commands
  • Bot is still in made so it will have updates
  • We will listen to community and we will always try to add new commands suggested by it
Current commands list
  • p!help
    All commands!
  • p!bal
    To look at your balance!
  • p!user-bal [mention user]
    To look at users balance!
  • p!pay [user] [coin amount]
    Pay User Some Coins!
  • p!emotes
    Emotes List! (Just write :emojiname: to use emojis!)
  • p!poll [question]
    Create Poll!
  • p!bet [coin ammount you want to bet]
    Classic bet! Win or lose!
  • p!profilepic [mention user]
    Get profile picture of choosen user! (it will look better soon it is beta now)
  • p!shop
    Get list of items in shop!
  • p!buy [item]
    Buy something from shop!
  • p!wumpus
    Get extreme love from wumpus! (note: you need to buy wumpus first to use it!)
  • p!inv
    To look at your inventory!
  • p!serverinfo
    Displays some info about the server.
  • p!userinfo [mention user]
    Displays some info about specified user.
and More!
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.