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The fun, moderating, music playing, Digimon bot... milks new favorite cookie!
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Enjoy high-quality music through Krum’s music commands. Krum can play any songs from youtube and Soundcloud. With versatile music commands, you can control your music just like you would in any music playing program right in your discord server.

One of Krum’s main features is that you can hatch Digimon. With one simple command, you can hatch Digimon, and have it stored in your inventory. Included with this feature is a slew of commands based on your Digimon.

With the many server moderation commands included with Krum, it makes server moderation easier. While you can moderate through discord, Krum makes it easier, with just a few words you can ban someone in less time than it would take you with discord. Not only that but you can turn on a “mod-log” which will log all of your server moderation.

Krum includes many fun commands to fit your server needs. Krum includes many commands that you and your fellow server members/friends can have fun with while gaming, listening to music, or just chatting.

With utility commands, you can learn a little bit more about Krum and Krum’s stats. You can also find out information on the server you are in, users, and can even make suggestions and report bugs.

While other command groups may be more specific, the miscellaneous group still has some important commands that will make your time on discord easier, more fun, and exciting.

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