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A simple and easy discord bot :D
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A fun bot for use in any server where you need me to be.

- With over 150+ commands, I am sure to impress.

- Commands for moderation, interaction and even other good stuff!

- With me, you can have a nice server, big or small!

- Using the help command, you can see all I have to offer!

- My help menu is separated in messages to remove the spam and not DM users or yourself when needing to see modules/commands.

- I am also still being worked on! so new features may come in the future that you like! Just use suggest

- If you need to use utilities, I got you covered for when you need a quick calculation and even User info so you know who a user is.

- Packed with commands that could be useful when you want to role-play, or just do some research on some anime, heck even do some small math equation, I can help with whatever you need that i can assist with!

- Need utilities? Well i have tons! Including URL related ones that can shorten OR expand URL links! So yes, I am a sure to impress being.

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