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Created by: TechnicPepijn#0995
Easy tool for making shot announcements

Light Stage BOT - Commands

User Commands

Help : Shows this message | Use +help [command] for more info math : Does math for you! (Use: add,subtract,multiply,divide, percentage, average commands) join : send invite to Light stage server! avatar : Shows your avatar in a embed! info : Shows bot info invite: Sends a invite link to users DM servers : Shows in how many servers bot currently is! say : Says your message! ping : What you think this shows? event_create : Will start the event creation setup vote : Gives you a vote!

Server Mods commands

clear : Clears messages in a chat! dm : Sends a DM to a person! embed: Sends a Costume embed with costume text! reaction : adds a reaction to a message! poll : Sends a Poll embed emojipoll : Sends a Poll with costume emojis! votes: Adds reactions to vote with! removevotes : removes reaction from a user!

Server staff commands training : Sends the trainin g embed! [CREW TRAINER ROLE REQUIRED!] event_approve : Approves a event [EVENT PLANNER ROLE REQUIRED!] event_reject: Rejects a event [EVENT PLANNER ROLE REQUIRED!]

Server owners commands

send : Sends a costume message to a costume chat! event : Sends the event EMBED! suggestion : Sends the suggestion embed! update : Sends the update embed! partner : Sends the Light Stage Partner Embed partner_send : Sends the costumized embed from a partner! kick : Kicks a person ban : Bans a perosn setup : Setsup the event commands commandlogs : Sends the Logs from all the commands used in your server! addlogs : Add your own random messages to the logs!