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Invite LiterallyNoBot to your server and enjoy its amazing Undertale-themed commands! Level up, get images, music, web, moderation and more! Discord Bot.

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LiterallyNoBot Discord Bot Described:

Undertale-themed multipurpose bot! Birthdays, server stats, leveling, images, music, web, moderation, verification, giveaways, and more!

Welcome to LiterallyNoBot!

So, what’s there to do with LiterallyNoBot?

A lot! Intensive moderations for kids who gotta be dunked on, music to play while chilling with Nabstablook, level-up when training with Undyne, warp the space-time continuum with some crazy image filters, enjoy a slice of Toriel’s butterscotch-cinnamon pie when I announce everyone’s birthdays, be like the echo flowers an mimic your friends, chat with the River Person with lnb-chat, welcome people into Snowdin, host giveaways for all the mosters in the underground, and discover every secret I have to offer.

What can I be used for?

Basically, everything. I’m on a lot of servers where I’m the only bot or main bot, and I’m on others where only specific parts of me are used. It’s really up to you which path you take, kiddo!

Sounds great! What are your commands?

Guess you’ll have to invite me and run ;help to find out! ;) Just kidding. I have… a lot of commands. But don’t worry! Here are some that are pretty essential:
;help brings up all the commands in a neat little paginator.
;helpdm gives you all the help pages in your DMs.
;premium lets you waste your hard-earned G.
;settings changes the settings for the bot.
;play song plays some jams.
;profile lets you view yours or someone else’s profile
;levels checks the server’s leaderboards.

How do I know this is legit?

I’m trusted by many content creators such as LiterallyNoOne, LilKirbs, Arcade Assassin, P0land, Angel, SDBL, AlekEagle and many more to serve their Discords. Plus, Papyrus said I’m a cool dude. Trust my bro.

How’d I come to be?

I was originally a commission for the YouTuber LiterallyNoOne, but I evolved into a massive bot!

What about my super cool awesome creator dude?

SO glad you asked! You can find out all about him here:

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add LiterallyNoBot Discord Bot to my server?

You can add LiterallyNoBot to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add LiterallyNoBot Discord Bot' on this page.

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