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Live Bot allows you to be alerted when someone goes live streaming!
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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Start Monitoring a Stream

  • Run /perm-check to have the Bot run a check for permissions.
  • Start setting up a monitor /monitor create profile-url:https://twitch.tv/bsquidwrd where-to-post:#live role-to-mention:@everyone
  • If you want to customize the live message (see below for parameters), add in the live-message part of the slash command (can always edit this later too)
  • That’s it!

Stop Monitoring a Stream

  • Run /monitor delete profile-url:https://twitch.tv/bsquidwrd
  • That’s it!

List Streams that are being monitored

  • /monitor list

Check if the Bot sees a Stream as Live

  • /monitor check profile-url:https://twitch.tv/bsquidwrd

Get a link to my Support Server

  • /support

Message Parameters

The below parameters will be replaced at the time of Notification

  • {role} = The role that you setup to be pinged (if applicable)
  • {name} = The display name of the Streamer
  • {game} = Game being played at the time of going live
  • {url} = Link to the stream
  • {title} = Stream title at the time of going live
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