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Lotus offers statistics for game profiles, cryptocurrency, COVID-19 cases, and you can even clown and troll your server members using this bot!

Lotus is a discord bot created to primarily track game statistics / profiles, such as Minecraft, Hypixel, and Steam.

,mc (username) - Displays information about the given minecraft account, including current username, username history and timestamps of these events.
,hypixel (username) - Another Minecraft command that tracks data from one of the most played servers in the world - Hypixel. Using this bot, you can track the last login and first login for a minecraft account as well as track their statistics in gamemodes like SkyWars, Bedwars, and Duels!!.
,bedwars (username)
,skywars (username)
,duels (username)
,steam (id) - This command displays basic data about a steam profile via custom url. This data includes the users name, STEAMID, and the time that the account was created on steam.
,btc - Tracks the current price of Bitcoin
,eth - Tracks the current price of Ethereum
,clown @mention - Reacts to every message sent by that user with a clown emoji
,unclown @mention - Stops clowning the mentioned user

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.