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Invite Partycord Bot to your server and use its customizable voice channel commands. Enjoy the Partycord Discord Bot today!

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Partycord™ Discord Bot Described:

Allow your members to create customize-able, private voice channels!

Partycord™️ is a private voice channel creation bot!

Unlike others, Partycord™️ channels are HIGHLY customize-able from the channel name, default name, user limit, channel ban, channel kick, vip users, and more! Channel creation has no delay and channels do NOT get left behind when they are empty.

How to use

After inviting the bot to your server, you can use the +help and +commands command to get started! If you do not like the default prefix, you may change it by typing pcprefix <newPrefix>.

Creating a “Create a VC” channel has never been easier with the +create [Channel Name] command. [Channel Name] is optional but we recommend you do something that tells the user that this is to create private voice channels.

You are also able to add already existing voice channels as “Create a VC” channels by their ID or Name which can be done by using the +add <CHANNEL_ID> or +add <Channel Name> command where <CHANNEL_ID> is the ID and <Channel Name> is the Name of the voice channel you want to set as the creation channel.


All permissions listed in the bot invite are required except for View Audit Logs and Administrator. HOWEVER, we highly recommend giving the bot administrator perms to ensure there are no permission errors that prevent your users from using all the bots features.

Changelog v1.2.2


- [Premium] Private text channel linking for each VC.

- Permit/Ban/Kick/VIP without @ing users

- VIP / Ban list for channel owners to refer to


- Name command now works.

- Bot **shouldn't** tell you that your old channel is still open if it does not exist.

- *Back-end improvements*
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Partycord™ Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Partycord™ to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Partycord™ Discord Bot' on this page.

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