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A multipurposed bot for your discord server that has fun commands such as kiss,8ball,cuddle,hug and more

<3 is a discord bot used In your servers chat for fun and moderator purposes. The bot Is very good and Is being coded by a good developing team

Fun: There Is many fun commands such as poke,punch,wallpaper,flip,say,8ball,avatar,dadjoke.
Moderator: announce,ban,kick,channellockdown,clear,mute,tempmute,unmute,channelliftlockdown
Information: Info about the server,bot, or user // botinfo,serverinfo,userinfo
Utilities: Utils on the bot // timer,help,ping,uptime
Miscellaneous: Misc commands // Hello,invite
Feedback: Suggest things for the bot // botsuggestion,bug

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Prefix: $
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: glock#1400
Short link: discord.ly/love