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Luwu has many features such as Music (in-Discord playlists, radio, and volume), cross-server chat, starboard, reaction roles, autorole, and more!
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Luwu is yet another multipurpose bot with all sorts of features <br/><br/><br/>


Music - Includes Radio and built-in playlists that can be modified right from Discord

Cross-Server Chat - Link tons of servers (Nertivia bridge support may be coming soon). Try running

Customizable Starboards: Select the star reaction, set how many stars a post needs to make starboard, and select icons for how popular a post is

Autorole - Up to 3 roles

Reaction Roles - Usage is not documented on the help page, but it’s *reaction add <messageid> <emoji> <role> (Yes, I’ll improve the usage soon)

Self-Assignable Roles - A command-based version of reaction roles

Tickets - Not too impressive (yet)

Logs - Not impressive

Suggestion Channels - Type into the channel, it gets converted into an embed with check and x emojis

One Word Channels - includes a whitelist and moderation features. Run *help oneword after creating a channel with *oneword

Leveling - Still a work in progress, but the *level command works

Moderation - Kick, ban, a super slow purge command with support for selecting users and channels, and a mute command that kind of works

Features beyond what is listed, and more coming soon

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.