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I'm Makubot! I know a lot of image commands; go ahead test me! nb.angry, nb.nao, nb.f, try some out!
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I have hundreds of image commands, and you can add more!

Use mb.help to get my regular commands, and mb.listreactions to get my image commands (there’s a lot!)


  • evaluate
    • Evals a statement. Feel free to inject malicious code \o/


  • bully

    • Bullies me :(
  • choose

    • Returns a random choice from the choices you provide!
  • emojispam

    • Prepare to be spammed by the greatest emojis you’ve ever seen
  • fact

    • Sends a fun fact!
  • hugme

    • Hugs you <3
  • poll

    • Starts a poll from the choices you provide!
  • save_pins

    • Send all the pins in the current channel to a dedicated pins channel


  • addimage

    • Requests an image be added.
  • mycommands

    • Shows you all your commands!
  • myimagecount

    • Shows you how many images you’ve added!


  • bigten

    • List ten biggest image commands!
  • howbig

    • Tells you how many images are in a command
  • listreactions

    • List all my reactions
  • randomimage

    • Get a totally random image!


  • cancel_reminder

    • Cancels a reminder. I’ll ask which one you want to cancel.
  • list_reminders

    • List all active reminders for you
  • remind_me

    • Reminds you of a thing!


  • whatwasthat
    • Tells you what that fleeting message was


  • whatis
    • Searches Wikipedia to see what something is! Give it a try!


  • youtube
    • Post a YouTube video based on a search phrase!
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