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Manx7 Bot Commands

Discover the full list of Manx7 Discord Bot commands with this guide. Easily navigate through the commands and find the perfect one for your needs.

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Here are the Commands for Manx7 Bot:
  • m.avatar user - Get someone's avatar and a downloadable format!
  • m.ban user reason - Ban a member from your server, because they deserve it probably!
  • m.blush - Get the advantage of your enemy with a tactical blush!
  • m.cookie user - You have a cookie, it's your choice whether or not you share it!
  • m.credit - The people and softwares behind Manx7!
  • m.cry - Flex the fact you're crying like the boss you are! *pat pat*
  • m.custom request - Request your own custom bot, free!
  • m.dance - Break out into a spontaneous dance scene!
  • m.embed message - Send a fancy embed with Manx7!
  • m.flip suspense - Flip a coin, settle a bet!
  • m.fox - Foxes are cute, want a picture?
  • m.help command - Get help for any command that we offer!
  • m.hug user - Embrace someone, give them a hug, maybe even a hug of death?
  • m.info - Get some information about Manx7!
  • m.kick user reason - Kick a member from your server, because they deserve it most likely!
  • m.kiss user - Take the first step, give someone a kiss!
  • m.nuke user - Prepare a nuke that you somehow have access to!
  • m.pet user - Give someone some nice gentle headpats!
  • m.poll question - Post a question that other users can vote on!
  • m.report message - Report an issue with Manx7!
  • m.say message - Manx7 will repeat anything you say!
  • m.sinfo - Get some information about your current server!
  • m.slap user - Knock some sense into someone or just slap them!
  • m.stalk user - Stalk another person like the creep you are!
  • m.sudo bot message - Talk as any bot on your server!