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HD Audio Streaming | Moderation | 99% Uptime | Fun | Chat Features | Manx7 is a multi-feature bot that has a ton of purposes with more coming almost monthly!

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Another Multi-Purpose Bot that has hit Discord!

Notice: description is outdated, for a full list of commands visit our website.
Notice: The website is under reconstruction, but I'm lazy so it'll be like.. years?

  • HD Audio Streaming
    We provide only the best Audio Streaming service by using a seperate
    LavaLink node to provide you with only the best quality under heavy loads
  • Moderation
    Providing you with the basic moderation command set to help keep your
    Server safe
  • 99% Uptime
Main Commands
Command Description Aliases
info Sends information about the bot
sinfo Sends information about a server
report Send an error report about the bot to the dev rpt
ban Ban an user or bot from the server
kick Kick an user or bot from the server
calendar Returns the current date date
echo Repeats your message under the bots name say
poll Posts a poll into the chat ask
help Sends you a message containing all commands halp
embed Sends an embed with your message into chat
ping Returns the bots current ping
server Returns our Minecraft Bedrock server IP mcpe
credits View the credits of our bot and service
service View the our command node’s statuses status
avatar Sends you a message with an user’s avatar pfp
invite Fetch an invite for your server or our bot
type Make Manx7 type or stop typing in a chat
leave Tell Manx7 to leave your server
Kawaii Commands
Command Description Aliases
hug Hug another user or bot!
pet Pet another user or bot! pat
itch Alert people that you were just itchy!
cry Alert people that you are crying!
cookie Give someone a cookie!
slap Slap another user or bot!
stalk Stalk another user or bot… why would you do this?
blush Alert people that you are blushing!
dance Dance and show off your moves!

Notice: Kawaii commands are still in developement, more coming soon <3

Music is discontinued.

Music Commands
Command Description
play [name] Searches YouTube for the provided song and plays it
linkplay:[link] Plays the provided song via link (radio supported)
play scsearch:[Name] Searches Soundcloud for the provided song and plays it
pause Pauses the current song
stop Stops the current song and leaves the channel
resume Resume the current song
leave Leaves the voice channel if connected
skip Skips a specified amount of songs
queue Shows the server’s queue

Music is discontinued.

List of Sources this bot can play from and some helpful music tips:
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Vimeo
  • Mixer
  • Any raw audio link

This bot can play songs from any links, if the link is a song or possibly you’ll find a video that is compatible!
Link Example: m.lp https://www.mfiles.co.uk/mp3-downloads/Dvorak-Symphony9-2-from-the-New-World.mp3

You can play just about any song, stream, or video from YouTube on our bot too!
YouTube Example:m.play Future Husband MT lyrics

We can also play every non-premium song on SoundCloud!
SoundCloud Exmaple: m.play scsearch:It's been so long TLT

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.