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Users: 229,064
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Prefix: m!
Created by: ZerefGG#4819
Short link: discord.ly/mavis
Mavis Bot is a multi-purpose Discord bot including multilingual support, web dashboard, moderation, music..etc

Mavis Bot (BETA*)

Mavis is a fast, clean, multi-purpose, multilingual Discord bot.
Currently in beta status, Mavis’s goal is to be able to provide a better experience as smooth as possible for both you and the developers.

*The bot is still in development and will be fully ready to use soon, although, the current implemented commands are considered stable.
Keep in mind that the commands syntax/usage might change in the next versions
If you have any suggestions or feature request, don’t hesitate to ask in the support server.


You can get help on specific command using m!help command.

Here is a list of implemented/soon-to-be-implemented commands
Feel free to request a command that you would like the bot to have.

See: https://mavisbot.com/commands

Category Commands
Games lol, fortnite
Information help, ping, stats
Levels leaderboard, profile
Misc avatar, cat, dog, twitch
Moderation ban, kick, lock, mute, prune, unmute, warn
Music play, pause, queue, resume, skip, stop

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