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MCStats is a simple bot to fetch Minecraft Server and Player information

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A bot designed to help track your Minecraft server information.

Show Server Info:

Sample server info

MCStats can search for any server using mc! status SERVER_IP or a default server can be set with mc! defaultserver SERVER_IP to allow users to just run mc! status and get your server info.

Show Player Info:

Sample player info

MCStats will show a players information with a player head and skin preview. Clicking on the players name will lead to a copy of their skin for downloading.

Either the date they created their account, or the list of past usernames and when they changed will show.


  • mc! help - Get list of MCStats Commands
  • mc! player PLAYER_NAME - Get username and skin info about a player
  • mc! status - Get the status of the watched MC server
  • mc! status SERVER_IP - Get the status of the specified MC server
  • mc! defaultserver SERVER_IP - Sets the default server to watch
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.