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MEE6 Commands

Discover the full list of MEE6 commands with this guide. Easily navigate through the MEE6 Bot commands list and find the perfect one for your needs.

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Here are the Commands for MEE6 Bot:
  • /anime search - Search for an anime on Kitsu.io
  • /crypto coin price_in - Check information on selected cryptocurrency
  • /gas - Display the current Ethereum gas prices
  • /imgur search - Search for an image on Imgur
  • /invites member - Get your invite link and your invite stats
  • /invites-leaderboard timestamp - See who invited the most members
  • /levels - Get a link to the leaderboard
  • /manga search - Search for a manga on Kitsu.io
  • /nft collection token - Check information on selected NFT collection
  • /np - Display the current playing track
  • /play search - Start playing from the queue
  • /pokemon search - Search for a Pokémon on the PokéAPI
  • /rank member - Get your rank or another member's rank
  • /twitch search - Search for a streamer on Twitch
  • /unban member - Unban a member from the server
  • /urban search - Search for a term on Urban Dictionary
  • /vote - Vote and earn this server free mee6 premium subscription
  • /vote-skip - Start a vote to skip to the next song
  • /wallet-connect - In addition to the embed, allow your members to connect their wallet using the command.
  • /youtube search - Search for a video on YouTube