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Your whole discord server would change with Meepo in it. Ranging from Utiltiy to Moderation.

Here’s Some Commands:

Utility Section - Usage (??help utility)

Slowmode ~ Enable slowmode in the selected channel (ranging from 5 seconds ~ 600 seconds)
Setnick ~ Set the nick of a user from the bot (bot must have higher role than user)
YesOrNo ~ Create a poll with a tick and a cross reaction.
ThreeChoice ~ Like YesOrNo but with three reactions, Yes, Idk, No.
Serverinfo ~ Shows a description about the server that your in, Owner, Region Verification Level etc.
Userinfo ~ Shows info about the user selected, Their full discord name, ID, When they created their account etc.
Avatar ~ Select a user / ID to execute the command upon, it will show their profile picture.
Ping ~ Super simple, see the bots latency.
Endgiveaway ~ End the giveaway started in that channel.
AddRole ~ Adds the specific role to the user, with no need to ping the role!
RemoveRole ~ Removes the role from the user selected, no need to ping the role!
Say ~ Says what you say but it says it from the bot.
ServerIcon ~ With this command it shows you the Guild’s Server Icon!
Joined ~ Shows when the user joined the guild/server.
Fun Section - Usage (??help fun)

Punch ~ Shows a image with (user) Punched (user)!
Slap ~ Shows a image with (user) Slapped (user)!
Hug ~ Shows a image with (user) gave (user) a hug!
Slots ~ Roll the slot machine, you might get a 3 in a row!
Choose ~ Put a couple options in and the bot will choose one for you!
Meme ~ Shows a random meme from reddit.
Add ~ Calculates two numbers together.
8Ball ~ It wouldn’t be a good bot without the 8ball, put something in and see if your lucky!
Shoot ~ Shows a image with (user) shot down!
Cookie ~ Give the (user) a cookie to enjoy!
Moderation Section - Usage (??help moderation)

Ban ~ Removes the user from the server.
Kick ~ Kicks the user from the server.
Warn ~ Sends the user a DM describing their warning.
Clearchat ~ Clears the amount of messages you want from that channel.
Mute ~ Mutes the specific user defined.
Unmute ~ Unmutes the specific user defined.
Stats Section - Usage (??help stats)

Bitcoin ~ Shows the current bitcoin price.
Covid ~ Shows the worldwide COVID-19 Stats.
Giveaway Module

Meepo has a giveaway module, where you can host a giveaway, the full details will be in the bots help section by using ??help giveaways You can choose how many days, date ending, winners and the description, it even adds a reaction for you.

Update v1.4.2: Added automatic choosing of users of the giveaway, using command ??winner <giveaway message ID> <amount of winners>
There is TWO types of hosting giveaways.

Normal Giveaway ~ Sends the giveaway message with no role ping.
Giveaway Ping ~ Sends the giveaway message with the role ping ‘Giveaways’ (Must have that role)

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