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The bot who loves to sing songs all day long :)
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Command list

Core Commands

m!ping - Check Ping m!help - Get a help message m!system - Check system information m!makers - Show the people who made the bot m!donate - Donate to the bot via Paypal m!support - Join the support server m!invite - Invite the bot

Music Commands

m!repeat - Put queue on repeat m!volume - Change Volume m!play - Play a song/playlist m!skip - Skip a song m!forceskip - Force skip a song m!restart - Start a song from begining m!makedj - Add a DJ m!shuffle - Shuffle the queue m!pause - Pause a current song m!resume - Resume a paused song m!queue - View the queue m!np - Show what is currently playing m!stop - Stop and clear queue Utility Commands m!youtube - Search YouTube for a video m!remindme - I will remind you to do something! m!add - Add two numbers together m!subtract - Subtract two numbers m!multiply - Multiple two numbers together m!divide - Divide two numbers

Fun Commands

m!trump - Make something illegal m!xmas - A Countdown till Christmas m!cat - Images of cats :) m!fact - Random fact m!8ball - 8 ball m!owo - OwO text

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