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Do you find trolls joing your server, or people raiding your server as annoying as me? Search no longer! This bot makes an end to all of that!
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Melpo Verifier

Do you also find it annoying that trolls can easily access your server? Or having your server being raided? Then search no longer!

This bot features: A protection against trollers and raiders, over 100 topics so you never get bored, a completely customisable welcome message, useful moderation commands and more!

This bot is specifically made to stop trolls and raids, it does so by asking custizable questions to the new user. These questions can be stuff like: “name 3 of the rules”, “what is the verification word?” or even ask “What do you intend to achieve here”.
This bot isn’t just for when users want to get acces to a server, but can also be used to lock down certain channels that require verification

Upon inviting the bot to your server it will send a message giving set-up instructions. The set-up process is pretty easy! To start it you only have to type &setup and then the bot will asks all the needed roles, channels and questions.

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