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Simple discord.js bot with many features.

Messa Info

Hi, my name is Messa! Made with discord.js v12.
This bot has many commands, and if you boring you can play music and play game with me!


Economy, Fun, NSFW, COVID-19 Updates, Growtopia, Moderation, Animal, Game, Information, Music, Japaneese(just search anime and manga), and Other!

Setup Prefix

To setup prefix in your guildm (PS. Just person who have ADMINISTRATOR permission can change prefix) just type ~setprefix <new_prefix>. Bot send message twice because their setting prefix in 2 projects (music and rest).


If you donate IDR 5.000 or $0,36 (13rd June 2020) you’ll get to premium commands! Just run ~botinfo and click donate owner.
If done, screenshoot the payment info and send to discord rnggadosen._3854. You can choose
Trakteer or Saweria


If you found bug, use command ~report and describe the bug.


Bot can go offline when the hosting (glitch.com) is maintenance.


The badword feature now only support Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia).
Therefore, this badword description use Indonesian.
Untuk mengaktifkan filter badword dapat menggunakan ~badword on dan untuk mematikannya dengan ~badword off.
Untuk daftar opsi lainnya silahkan cek ~badword.
Kata kata kasar disini sama dengan pada umumnya di Indonesia.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: ~ (customizable)
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: rnggadosen._#3854
Short link: discord.ly/messa