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A bot aiming to add features useful to anime-based servers
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A Discord bot based on Guide Bot. Aims to add features beneficial to anime servers.


  • Quotes - Generate a random quote from a database.
  • Clips - Watch a random anime clip from a curated database.
  • Anime/Manga/VN Search - Find information about a specific anime, manga, or visual novel.
  • User Search - Find a specific user on Kitsu.
  • Random Anime - Generate a completely random anime, manga, or visual novel recommendation.
  • Anime List Tracking - Add your anime list for other people to find, or view other people‚Äôs anime lists.
  • Fanart - Display fanart from Safebooru.

Inviting Michelle

If you want to add Michelle to your server, you can do so using this invite link. Use m-help to get started using the bot. Alternatively, you can self-host the bot if you want.


Self-hosting the bot is not officially supported. For a basic overview of the install process, check the official documentation.


If you have trouble with the bot, you can contact me on Twitter (@jacenboy), on my Discord server, or by opening a bug report here on GitHub.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.