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Midjourney Commands

Discover the full list of Midjourney commands with this guide. Easily navigate through the Midjourney Bot commands list and find the perfect one for your needs.

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Here are the Commands for Midjourney Bot:
  • /ask question - Get an answer to a question.
  • /blend image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 - Blend images together seamlessly!
  • /fast - Switch to fast mode
  • /help - Shows help for the bot.
  • /imagine prompt - There are endless possibilities...
  • /info - View information about your profile.
  • /invite - Gift an invite to a user along with some a free trial
  • /prefer option set option value - Set a custom option.
  • /prefer option list - View your current custom options.
  • /prefer auto_dm - Whether or not to automatically send job results to your DMs.
  • /prefer suffix new_value - Suffix to automatically add to the end of every prompt. Leave empty to remove.
  • /prefer remix - Toggle remix mode.
  • /private - Toggle stealth mode
  • /public - Switch to public mode
  • /relax - Switch to relax mode
  • /settings - View and adjust your personal settings.
  • /show job_id - Shows the job view based on job id.
  • /stealth - Toggle stealth mode
  • /subscribe - Subscribe to Midjourney