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Here is Mikaa’s information, check it out!

Why should I use Mikaa on my server?

  • [x] Portuguese-Brazilian (pt-BR)
  • [x] American-English (en-US)
  • [x] French (fr-FR)
  • [ ] Argentina (es-AR)
  • [ ] English-United States (en-UK)

Why Mikaa?

  • [x] Originality
  • [x] Constant Updates
  • [x] Uptime 99.8%
  • [x] Moderation
  • [x] Fun
  • [x] Multi-language
  • [x] Configuration, Customizable behavior
  • [x] Dedicated Support
  • [ ] Web Dashboard 100%

Coming Soon

  • More events for logs;
  • Welcome & Leave with Image
  • More Moderation commands

Voting & Contributions

  • mk.botinfo > Vote
  • If you want to make a donation to me, call me privately
  • Accepting Paypal and MercadoPago


  • [x] Join on my Support server Here

  • [x] Check the site for info


  • [x] mr.Lucas#1375
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