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Prefix: m!
Created by: XioKa#8192
Short link: discord.ly/mineworld
MineWorld is a bot based on mine, sell, get peaks and much more Live your adventure as a Miner as in Minecraft!
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We present to MineWorld, a new serious and professional bot, [We are in Beta Phase] You can try it and we would like you to join the official server of the bot support. Live your adventure as a Miner as in Minecraft! We have the best possible support and attention to users [We are looking for recommendations to improve the bot] We warn that this is the first version, it will end up improving

Prefix = m!

Mine = m!minar
Todos los materiales añadidos , no falta ninguno

Sell = m!vender

Help = m!ayuda

Profile = m!perfil

Start = m!iniciar

Inv = m!inventario

Logros = m!avances

Bot en 2 idiomas = English and Spanish