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Mining Tycoon is a Discord economy game bot. Set up your very own mining empire! Upgrade your tools to get rewarded with better loot and a chance to find rare lootboxes.
What is it about?
  • Mining Tycoon is an economy simulation bot for your Discord server!
  • Global currency allows users to play the game on any server since everything is synchronized across all servers out there
There are multiple tools to unlock
  • Use powerful tools like your Shovel, Pickaxe or Drill for fast virtual currency and experience
  • Upgrade your tools for even better rewards!
  • Automate your income to get money when you are afk

Open lootboxes
  • Swing your pickaxe and collect some lootboxes
  • Open them for neat rewards

And so much more…
  • A ton of stuff is waiting for you to be discovered!

How to get started?
  1. Invite the bot to your server
  2. Type !start
  3. Congratulations, your adventure has just started!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.