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MMORPG discord bot. Where you can leveling, pvp, arena, upgrade system, quests, worldboss etc..

Everything about classic MMORPG! (join support server for more info)(TR/ENG )

  • Guild/Party System,Guild Leveling,Buffs,logo

  • Inventory/Craft/Jobs/upgrade system,global Market

  • 3v3 Arena,Pvp Zone

  • Ranks (Honor, gold,level,gearscore…)

  • Item Systems

  • Item Upgrade System,gemsocket

  • Skill system,Skill Upgrade system

  • World Boss,dungeon

  • Farm mobs (Diffrent mobs)

  • Quests

  • and more…

Join Support server for more info

Please Read Guide

You can start with choosing your class and nickname

1-)$Chooseclass classname

(Here classnames: Assassin - Archer - Berserker- Mage - Priest - Guardian )

2-)$SetNick ‘Nickname’

‘$SetBot’ Firstly Use this command for Configure bot to your discord, if you haven’t done before

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.