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A feature-rich Discord bot for easy communication between server staff and users.
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About ModMail

ModMail is a feature-rich Discord bot designed to enable your server members to contact staff easily. A new channel is created whenever a user messages the bot, and the channel will serve as a shared inbox for seamless communication between staff and the user.


Powerful Features

We believe that every Discord bot should be packed with great features. That’s why we’ve done so for ModMail! An example is our beautifully designed log viewer, which allows server staff to read past transcripts pleasantly.

Easy to Use

All you need to do to set up ModMail is to type =setup! For the users, they only need to message the bot to contact your server staff. Then, your server staff can easily reply by sending a message in the dedicated channel.

Reliable and High Quality

With our revolutionary infrastructure implementation, we’re proud to achieve absolute 100% uptime! This means that ModMail will always be online, and ready to relay messages between your server staff and users!

Customizable Settings

Adjust the settings to fit all the needs of your server! You can select who can access the tickets, the roles to notify for new tickets, whether to reply anonymously, the channel to send message logs to, and more…

Open Source

We are an open source project on GitHub. Don’t believe what we’ve said earlier? Check out the source code for yourself! This means the maximum level of transparency, so you’ll never have to worry about privacy concerns.

And Much More…

There are many more goodies available in ModMail, such as blacklisting users, saving messages as snippets, automated greeting and closing messages. Discover the rest of the amazing features on your own!

What are you waiting for?

Get the best communication system for your Discord server today! If you have any questions, feel free to join our support server and let us know.

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