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Created by: DaRealDorseyBro#5000
MoDo is a fun and simple bot with a lot of useful and unique commands, It only takes 6 clicks to add so why not do it now!

MoDo has a lot of commands, the complete list of commands are the following: Moderation m-ban m-softban m-tempban m-unban m-kick m-mute m-tempmute m-unmute m-clear Utility m-setup m-giverole m-removerole m-setslow m-say m-poll m-nick m-avatar m-sdr m-calc m-afk Other m-si m-bi m-links m-suggest m-report m-help m-weather m-encode (Base64) m-decode (Base64) Fun m-cookie m-hit m-8ball m-dadjoke m-coinflip m-howhot m-rps m-tpose m-wot m-gg m-meme m-dog m-cat m-fail m-google m-imgur