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A small bot with commands to utilise your Minecraft/Discord experience

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Moopity Moop is a feature rich bot with commands for Minecraft such as:

  • Minging Minecraft servers in real-time to find player counts, latency, etc
  • Auto-assigned Minecraft roles, for when a user starts playing Minecraft
  • Find stats on popular servers such as Hypixel, or the Hive!
  • Server MOTD checks and more!

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A customisable prefix, a role automatically given to users when they start playing Minecraft, and a server IP for automatic pinging, which the bot then sets its nickname to

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The bot sets its nickname to the result of the last ping test, or OFFLINE if the server is offline

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Retrieve stats about a Minecraft server in real time, providing MOTD, latency, and a player count

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Find player data on popular servers such as Hypixel, or the Hive

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Get a players UUID, username history, skin, or skin texture

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Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.