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This bot is created by the GodsZone community together with our dear staff we invite you to invite our bots to you
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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Bot prefix: m!
avatar - views your avatar profiles.
serverinfo - view info for server discord
userinfo - returns information about your or other person
botinfo - returns information about Motion stats - stats for bot motion
coinflip - Flip coin random
meme - whats a meme?
kiss - gives a kiss
gay - Gay rate for other person :)
hug - hug person ex m!hug user
joke - Joke random
8ball - random send messages
hammer - send gif hammer love - gives a love gif
ping - returns the bots ping
uptime - Returns the bots uptime
poll - an create poll other person reac for your poll
clean - clears the amount of messages specified
ban - ban a user
kick - kick a user
tempmute - mute a user temporary
spam - ex m!spam 50 #MotionBotTheBestProJect
nick - Change nick for other person on this server (beta)
cbot - Clear messages for bot metion ```
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