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A music bot which can play musics from all sites such as spotify,youtube etc.

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  • Have you ever heard of Mr Beats? If not, we will tell you…!

Mr Beats is a bot which provides it’s users with music 🎶! Unlike other bots this bot isn’t hard to use. Other bots are multi-purpose bots and so they have crowded commands while, Mr Beats only specializes and focuses on music. The bot have professional and experienced developers who fixes the bot without wasting time if an error occurs. The bot doesn’t require any administrative permissions which can be harmful. While other bots ending music services, we aren’t ending it. To make things more fun, we let the users watch YouTube videos together too (Only for desktop users)! This bot works very smoothly and quickly, if you come across any bugs, errors or problems with the bot don’t hesitate to contact the support team which can be available in the support server.

The bot provides variety of features like Looping, Lyrics, Skipping etc. The bot has received positive feedback from the public in the support server. The development team promises more updates and features on the bot in the future.

If you haven’t added the bot, what are you waiting for? Go add it now!

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