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Mr.Robot is a multi-functional bot that plays Music from YouTube, Sound-cloud, Spotify, Twitch with functional buttons, shows memes, tells jokes, entertains you with games.


Initial Information:
  1. The bot’s default prefix is “.” (no quotes)
  2. Prefix can be changed using “.setprefix {prefix}” command
  3. “.help” would give you a list of commands to use
  4. “.signup” is needed before most of the commands
  5. “Manage_Messages” permission is needed to work properly. It is mainly used to delete reactions used on the Music Player so a user wouldn’t have to click the reaction twice to do one action.

Although this bot is not a single feature-focused bot, I try my best to make it rich with commands that are functional and neat.

Mr.Robot does not do anything for Moderation, it’s main focuses are:

  • Good Quality Music
  • A lot of fun commands, and some of them could be useful.
Why there aren’t many commands?

I started developing this Bot and learning Python™ since the Summer of 2018.
After the Summer has ended, I had two semesters of College, and now I’m back at it for the Summer of 2019. My point is, I’m constantly learning and trying to think of ideas and/or implement existing ideas to my Bot

Where is the Bot hosted?

Mr.Robot is hosted in Texas; on my laptop due to lack of funds. My laptop is ONLY used for Bot related stuff and although my bot is in very little servers, it is serving me well so far. I keep my gaming / multi-tasking on my main PC.


No, it is only me programming this bad boy.

  • Features:
    • Music - The music player includes functional buttons including a LYRICS button.
    • Games - *Includes, guess the number, heads or tails, gambling games, jumble word game and more!
    • Utilities - *Includes, weather info given a location, time given a location, slapping, patting, and more!!

That’s not all!
.help to get the full list!
Mr.Robot is a new bot, for any suggestions please contact me.
Bot owner: Blackcool70#8362

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.