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PSlimy is a multipurpose discord bot that can bring protection and entertainment to all of your servers!
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A discord bot that can bring both protection and entertainment to your server!


Name: PSlimy

Prefix: > (customizable)


  • Moderation commands, An easy and quicker way to moderate your servers
  • Fun commands, keep you and your members in your servers entertained
  • Game commands, PSlimy have some game commands that you can have fun with your friends
  • Roleplay commands, roles play with your friends
  • Image/Meme creator commands, a quick way to create funny images/memes
  • Logging system, send a message in your log channel to keep you updated on what your staffs/members are doing
  • And many other commands!


  • PSlimy website, visit our website if you need more information
  • Our server, join our PSlimy support server if you need help on how to use PSlimy
  • PSlimy API, we have created our own api for other people to use if they want!


Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.