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MsgMng allows you to manage messages with ease
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With MsgMng (“MessageManager”) you can easily manage messages on your server.
It’s mainly focused on moderating but also has some non-moderating commands.
The default prefix $ and is customizable. Use $help to get an overwiew about all commands:
help: gives you an overview about the bot (xD)
prefix: allows you to change the prefix for your server
purge: deletes an amount of messages in the current channel
snipe: returns the content of the last deleted or edited message
quote: quotes a message for you
poll: starts a nice poll
stats: get nice message-stats about the server
disable: disables a command on the server
ping: shows the latency (in ms) between you and the bot
filter: activates a filter which checks if a message contains a blacklisted word
censor: does the same as <b>filter</b> but the bot will censor the blacklisted word and returns the rest of the message content
linkblocker: once activated, deletes every message which contains any kinds of links
blacklist: sends a dm with all blacklisted words (note: when the bot joins the guild the blacklist already contains 10 words)
blacklist add / del: adds or deletes a word from the blacklist (note: %all% can be used a keyword to delete every word)
whitelist: sends a dm with all whitelisted channels (note: filter, censor and linkblocker will ignore messages in whitelisted channels)
whitelist add / del: adds or deletes a channel from the whitelist (note: %all% can be used a keyword to delete every channel)

Please note that this is a short overview which doesn’t include the needed permissions to run some commands.
Also some descriptions might be inaccurrate or confusing at this point. Please run $help <command> to get more information about that command.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.