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This absolutely anime bot for otaku who is confused from which anime is better for you this bot give you top 50 anime for many categories

Mtechsin anime bot

it is absolutely it doesn’t do anything except anime

Bot usage

Trial Usage description
1 Anime reactions bot for anime fans that can help express themselves using anime emoji’s
2 Anime suggestion if you are one of otaku who is confused from which anime is better for you this bot tell you what is your next anime
3 Anime characters it can link people to info about their favorite characters
4 Anime info Search and get your the most important information about any anime
5 Uneatable Data our data isn’t fixed so you get the latest data fro anime
6 More feature i fix bugs for this bot as fast as i can you can talk to me by join our server

// Note: in help command when you see

//Don’t write [] or {} in the command

this [] means Commands arguments required

this {}means or Example : {1, 2, 3} means 1 or 2 or 3

Examples :

To search about any anime or move

=anime [Anime name]

=anime SAO

We thank a lot myanimelist website for anime informations

Note : this bot still Under development but you can add it it work very well i will fix any bugs as fast as i can and i need some developers to help me to make the best bot

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Prefix: =
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Mtechson#4811
Short link: discord.ly/mtechsin