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The bot offers moderation commands and has ticket features that help a support server
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Latest Update 10/21/2019

The bot has been remodified to have an advanced help command system, although we are working on incorporating older commands from the old bot files we are still making minor updates and bug fixes. If you have any suggestions please feel free to join our discord server.

Old Information that is Still Used in the bot

This discord bot has many features such as moderation which allows you to “report” users to a channel where moderation staff can see the reported user and the user who is reporting another user and the reason why they are reporting that user for the reporting system to work there must be a “#reports” channel. This bot also allows ticket creation, for ticket creation you will need to have a “#ticket-creation”, “#ticket-logging”, and “#ticket-transcripts” channel along with 2 roles, one called “Admin”, and “Support Team” role so the tickets can be opened by anyone and managed by the users with the 2 roles.

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