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A simple and easy to use Discord music bot delivering high quality audio.
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                   Music Command Group

leave: Leaves voice channel if in one.

loop: Loop the current playing song.

lyrics: Get lyrics of any song or the lyrics of the currently playing song.

music-trivia: Engage in a 2000’s music quiz with your friends!

pause: Pause the current playing song.

play: Play any song or playlist from youtube.

queue: Display the song queue.

remove: Remove a specific song from queue.

resume: Resume the current paused song.

shuffle: Shuffle the song queue.

skip: Skip the current playing song.

skipall: Skip all songs in queue.

skipto: Skip to a specific song in the queue, provide the song number as an argument.

stop-trivia: End the music trivia.

volume: Adjust song volume.


help: Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.

ping: Checks the bot’s ping to the Discord server.

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