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Keeps track of the N-words sent per user with a fully functioning leaderboard
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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N-word Bot


This bot was originally created as a joke, but as it is running 24/7 I’ve decided to turn it into a public bot. It is still under
construction, and as this is a work in progress, bugs may occur from time to time as the bot is worked on. There are currently no
moderation commands or fun games, though I do intend to add these things.


N-word is a small bot that keeps track of n-words sent per-user. Hard r or not, this bot will pick it up. There is also a fully
functioning leaderboard that allows for users to see the most racist participants.

please note: there IS a cooldown on how quickly the nwords are recorded, so spamming giant blocks will not contribute towards
your score


nhelp ncheck ntotal ntop nlead ndelete
Displays all commands Checks amount of nwords sent by a user Checks total amount of n-words sent Displays the top user Retrieves top 10 users delete your saved data
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.