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Nain bot is a Multi Purpose Bot. It has Moderation , Ticket , Fun and Many More Commands.
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Nain bot is the valuable bot that you need in your server . It is a Multi Purpose bot with Moderation , fun , Ticket , Games , Search , Welcome and Many More Commands. It will also allow you to enable or Disable some modules like Ticket , Welcome and Leave . You can also Customize your Welcome and Leave Messages. Nain Bot also have Music and You can use Music Commands. Nain bot also has a Unlimited Memes Command use *meme to see Epic Memes. Nain bot Does Everything and you dont have to invite too many Bots this is the bot that you need. It is also Completely Free you can use all commands.

Invite the bot by Clicking on the Invite Option and Enjoy the Bot. You can see all the Commands by *help.

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