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Lightweight discord bot for all your anime needs! Sauce finder | VTuber utilities | Nyaa.si integration and tracker | Manga reader
Nakano Miku
A simple discord bot with powerful features!

A bot made by a weeb, for weebs.

No games, no mods, no currencies. Just pure anime and manga goodness.


Currently can’t be invited due to verification issues!


Commands include:
Nyaa.si Integration
Browse anime


Anime release tracker!

alt text

VTuber Utilities!
Search for livestreams

alt text

Get VTuber’s info

alt text

Customizable livestream feeds!

alt text

Anime Image Source Finder

alt text

Built-in Manga Reader!

alt text

And a bit more!
Continuously updated for better features and quality!


Planned and upcoming features:
  • Custom mangadex manga/group trackers
Do !help to see all available commands!
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.