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Invite Neo Bot to your server and enjoy Music, Fun, Moderation, Welcomer, Leaver and Customizable commands. Add Neo Discord Bot now!

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Neo Discord Bot Described:

Music | Fun | Moderation | Welcomer | Leaver | Customizable | Emotions

Neo was made for servers that need powerful logging or music with more features being created of not the only serving purpose of music and moderation but having fun and increasing chat activity.

? Music
  • We support 3 providers so far (YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch) with more providers such as (Full MonsterCat Integration,…)
  • Unlimited Queue size and Song Length limit
  • Playlists are limited to 100 Songs so far with plans on Increasing this limit to 500 (to prevent abuse)
  • More unique features will be added as the bot gets updated
? Moderation
  • Ban and Kick command With commands such as (mute, purge, addrole, removerole) coming really soon.
  • Emotes:
    • cry, hug, triggered, pat, lewd, nom, slap
? Logging/Config
  • Actionlog fully customizible with ability to enable/disable events you don’t want.
  • Modlog for commands such as mute, kick, ban you can choose a custom channel for this as well
  • Greetings fully customizible with ability of custom message, channel and choice of using embed Instead of regular massage
  • Farewell fully customizible with ability of custom message, channel and choice of using embed Instead of regular massage
  • Custom prefix
  • All of this are fully customizible to your liking and you can enable and disable them any time you want

✅ 24/7 uptime
✅ ? Fast!
✅ Updated almost weekly!
✅ Always maintained and listening for community suggestions or concerns

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Neo Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Neo to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Neo Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: n!, mention or custom
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: James.#6780