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A Moderation, Music and Giveaways bot!
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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&help:- Shows the help message

&chat :- Nia chats according to arguments provided [BETA]

Moderation Commands

&kick[user mention][Reason]:- This command kicks the mentioned user
&ban[user mention][Reason]:- This command bans the mentioned user
&purge [ammount]:- Purge the ammount messages
&mute[user mention]:- Mutes the mentioned user (muted role needed)
&unmute[user mention]:- Unmutes the mentioned user (muted role needed)
&warn[user mention][reason]:- Warns the mentioned user in dm for [reason]
&logchannel :- Creates a log channel where certain bot events are logged
&vckick [user mention] :- Kicks the mentioned user from any voice chat they are connected to
&nick [user mention] [new nickname]:- Sets [new nickname] as mentioned user’s nickname
&profainity:- Enables or disables profanity filter in the server
&prefix[new_prefix]:- Sets [new_prefix] as server’s prefix (ps: only use single character custom prefixes)
&resetprefix:- Typinging this “&resetprefix” anything being your server’s prefix will staightaway get reset to default
&vcdeaf [user mention] [reason] :- vc-deafens the mentioned user for [reason]
&vcundeaf [user mention] [reason] :- vc-undeafens mentioned user for [reason]
&vcmute [user mention] [reason] :- vc-mutes the mentioned user for [reason]
&vcunmute [user mention] [reason] :- vc-unmutes the mentioned user for [reason]

Music Commands

&play[music name]:- Plays [music name]
&np:- Sends now playing
&skip:- Skips one song from queue
&clear:- Clears queue
&setvolume [integer (0-10)]:- Sets music volume to [integer]
&stop:- Stops the bot’s music
&pause:- Pauses the music
&resume:- Resumes the music

Giveaway Commands

&start-giveaway [Channel Mention] [Duration] [Number of Winners] [Prize]:- Starts a giveaway in mentioned channel
&end-giveaway [messageID]:- Ends giveaway with message id [messageID]
&reroll-giveaway [messageID]:- Rerolls giveaway with messageid [messageID]

Image Commands

These Commands Need 1 user mention
&3000years, &rip, &wasted, &wanted, &triggered, &tbc, &steam, &scary
&rejected, &approve, &posterize,
&pixelize, &pass, &look, &jail, &glitch
&frame, &fire, &dictator, &crush,
&brazzers, &beautiful, &thanos
These Commands Need 2 user mentions
&afusion, &vs, &ship
Random image commands
&clyde [some text] :- Generates clyde image with [text]

Miscellaneous Commands

&whois[user mention]:- Displays roles of mentioned user
&invite:- Sends bot’s invite link
&vote:- Sends Bot’s Vote Link
&server:- Shows server information
&ping:- Shows bot latency
&urban[word]:- searches for [word] on urban dictionary and returns the result
&snipe[channel mention]:- Sends the last message deleted in mentioned channel
&afk[afk note]:- Sets you afk and when someone pings you in server shows your [afk note]
&support:- sends bot support related information
Please do not include [ and ] in your commands! (Nia v1.1.7 Beta)

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